Read these instructions carefully before printing and filling out the order form:

  • All Taxes, Shipping & Handling are included in the price.
  • You may pay with a check or money order only. do NOT send cash.
  • Print the form below and fill in the appropriate spaces.
  • Due to the length of the form, it will print on two pages.
  • If ordering clothing, circle the size you would like from listed choices.
  • You must include your name and phone number in the space provided.
  • You must also include your shipping address.
  • Add the totals up and make all checks payable to "Miranda Stone"
  • You may send Canadian or U.S. Funds.
  • Send order form and payment to:

      Earthdress Productions
      PO Box 98134-970
      Queen St. E.
      Toronto, Ontario M4M 1J0 Canada

View Form Page for Printing

if you have any questions call the earthdress office at: 416-469-1821
or email: