Grassroots army

The "grassroots army" is the affectionate pet name for supporters and fans of Miranda Stone. Many of you aren't going to be in this section because we just can't fit you all in! Please forgive us! But we thought it would be nice to throw a few pictures in here of some long-time friends.

Please be reminded that these photographs are copyrighted images. That means that you need to get permission by the artist to use them.

Dear friend and photographer Dave Ruch has been taking pictures of Miranda since he met her in 1998. His work can be seen all over this site as well as the inside of the Live album booklet. Not only is he a great photographer, but a brilliant writer as well, and has great musical taste. Dave hangs out in Oshawa, Ontario.
Brad and Mary Culver, from the Kitchener/Cambridge area, used to run a very art friendly and community oriented coffeehouse in a warehouse space near their home. Miranda played "The Refuge" a few times and fell in love with these wonderful like-minded folks. They're one of the many warm-hearted hippy "mom and dad" couples that Miranda manages to find in almost every state and province when she's on the road.
Roxy Tadeja has traveled with Miranda on many road trips and continues to hook her up with good back-rubs, photographs, comic relief and friendship since they met at a show in 1998. Roxy is a registered massage therapist living in Oshawa, Ontario, with a love of accents and language. Spicy food utterly destroys her.
Todd and Sue Valade (Chatham, ON) brought Miranda in to do a show a few years back and they've been friends ever since. Sue got a crash course in touring when she came along for the ride one weekend. She's enthusiastic and vibrant. Todd is the world's biggest U2 fan and has a trunk full of posters, shirts and ticket stubs that he likes to show to houseguests. It's really a glorified shrine and we're sure that he's lighting incense in front of it daily.
Eliza Sullivan, from Rochester, NY, is the hardest working web-master a folk singer could have. She is the reason why you even have something to look at here, and she's gone through hair-pulling hell to scan and re-size all these hundreds of photographs, not to mention the coding. (Photo taken at Inside Out Soul festival.)
Erin and Jason Beck, formerly of the band Madison Greene, and formerly together. They have since split up, but continue a friendship that includes occasionally working in various bands together. Erin started her own band called the Ragbirds and Jason has gone on to join with the Psalters. They both live in the Ann Arbor, MI area (though I think Jason has been living a more gypsy life in an old school bus with the Psalters, as of late.) Photo taken at Inside Out Soul Festival.
Lisa Braley lives near the Worchester, MA area and met Miranda at Inside Out Soul Festival years ago. She makes the most beautiful cut and paste letters you have ever seen, and she writes amazing poetry based on her own experiences of life.
Maine has a folk treasure that it's slowly waking up to called "Tree by Leaf." They've helped Miranda at a few festivals by filling in a background vocalists and band-mates.
Tribal world music act Madison Greene's line up of contributing musicians changes a little from year to year. This shot was taken at Inside Out Soul in 2001.
Aimee Wilson from Chatanooga, TN is a community-motivated singer/songwriter who organized a house concert for Miranda in 2001. She's a great letter writer! This photo was taken during one of her visits to Toronto. Her very organic site is
Neighbor Paul and hometown friend Sarah Cashmore, drinking tea with Miranda.
Max Hsu lives an hour outside of Chicago and leaves his basement recording studio to do three things: 1. Tour with SuperChic(k) 2. Buy new gear for his studio 3. Ride his Motorcycle. He's been a friend of Miranda's since they met at a festival sometime around 1996. The guy who did the funky programming at the beginning of "20/20 in the morning" is also him. If you want to check out radio friendly pop music go to
Tom Conlon is a true gypsy. Miranda toured with him in 2002, for a couple weeks. With his guitar and a black lab called Roadie, he travels the countryside, doing the odd plumbing job and writing totally beautiful songs. He plays guitar the way a bird flies; as if he's never had to practice in his life. His voice is just as liquid.
Here's a great shot of Roadie!
Musician Aaron Butt, wearing Miranda's black "Amish" dress.
John Sutton, (from Toronto, Ontario) one of the folks who helps us in the office (You can see his profile in the "staff" section of the site.)
Rachel and Mark Popadic from the Boston, MA area have been huge supporters of Independent musicians. This photo was taken at Miranda's place during one of their visits to Toronto.

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