Brave Photos

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I told Karoline, 6 years old, to look like "a girl who wanted to be a bird". With some hand-made cardboard wings, and a ladder, we climbed up onto the barn buildings of the family farm, and a couple other prime bird hangouts. (Photos by Miranda, 1996)
It was a cold November day, overcast with a hint of snow. This is one of the "crouching" shots.
Second crouching shot.
Looking down from the shed roof. (Our old farm is slated to be bulldozed to make way for a strip-mall and a large sub-division; I believe this will be happening sometime in fall/winter of 2001/02. The farm and its surrounding 26 acres was part of the original "Field Estate" in Virgil, Ontario that was settled around 1888. Field Road, which connects to the main road, now Hwy 55, was named after the family. My Father ran a rose nursery and garden centre there since the 1950's. He has now retired.)
One more variation, taken from a collection of about 100 photos.
We tried a couple photos in the old apple tree growing in my garden.
Another tree one of the many tree shots.
A slightly more grim look. Dear apple tree, rest in peace.

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