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inside out soul festival 2001.
Clintons was the site of the Live album, recorded by the folks at Raven sound (Fletch and John) and we had a fantastic band called "Real Tribal" share the night with us. I joined them in a spirited version of "Stormy Monday". (All these shots by Dave Ruch)
Some of the guys from "Real Tribal" (a local Afro-Japanese drum group, which I believe has now disbanded, the last I heard)
Singing the rowdy ending to "Never lick the stamp".
One week prior to the recording, we played Clintons in a wild dress rehearsal of sorts.
It looks like a were-wolf is coming to hang out for this show folks, but really; it's just the lights, not the moon.
A blue-tinted moody shot.
Our Backs to the camera, Tim Abraham and I face our wildly enthusiastic audience during our second show on the Cornerstone Magazine Stage (Our debut at the Festival had been several days before, on the Gallery stage) July 1998. Photo by Sheryl Abraham.
Peter Wiebe played cello for us at a show in Windsor. He's amazing.
Side view shot of Tim and Miranda at Cornerstone Festival, by Sheryl.
Horseshoe Tavern Shot taken by Dave Ruch. (Winter 1998?)
Laughing at your own jokes is sometimes uncouth, but fun nevertheless. Horseshoe Tavern show photo taken by Dave Ruch.
C'est What, one of the better Toronto listening rooms, has great food and drink and the venue is well known for it's excellent performances. This was from a show we did in 1998 or 99. Photo by Dave Ruch.
Yet another Cornerstone photo taken by Sheryl.
This is a bucket of fresh rose-petals aimed at your face. Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. (Wam festival, Guelph, Ontario.
Our show at the Gallery stage. The debut performance at Cornerstone festival, 1998.

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