Good Lovin' Crazy Stuff

Oh baby. And boy do we milk it for all it's worth. Roxy keeps us laughing almost non-stop and has some sly-grrrr-illa tactics with her instamatic. Many of these photos are directly, or indirectly as result of her trigger finger.

Please be reminded that these photographs are copyrighted images. That means that you need to get permission by the artist to use them.
OH the Waffle house of the southern states; an icon of America! It's 24 hour service practically guarntees that musicans and crazy people will make up most of it's patronage. Here's Dana, Walter, Scott and Miranda trying to order. (Photo taken during a tour in 2000?)
If you want, you can listen to a multitude of special "hits" about the waffle house on their jukebox.
Gabe, friend of folk hipsters "Tree by Leaf" hangs out with Miranda near Belfast, Maine. This was around the same time that Miranda carved the lyrics into the abandoned bus for the "7 Deadly Sins" CD booklet…."Emotions are a school bus with a drunkard at the wheel." (Check out the "making of the 7 Deadly Sins booklet" section of photos!)
Roxy and Tim-evil-eye-Abraham at Hillside festival 98.
Marty in his new rasta-look, Bushnell, Illinois, where we stopped to check out some more... polyester pants.
during Cornerstone Festival it was so hot and we were so smelly. Solution? Buy a green giant communal washtub/kiddie pool.
Still at Cornerstone, still smelly, but jodi and roxy are doing their best.
Hillside Festival: hairy armpits and flower crown courtesty of miranda hippy chick, moral support(?) by roxy. There's bravery for ya. Sitting on the back end of the "tour bus".
Oh. Here's the sweet shot of Roxy and Marty making the Sleemans company proud. Nice tongue. (this is our little speech on behalf of community service: Practice responsible drinking folks- don't drink and drive.) Hillside had a lot of beer... we had little cash. so it worked out alright. i call the stuff squirrel pee - i guess i'm not much of a beer drinker.
The last shot was taken at the Refuge Cafe, in Widsor, Ontario. a tribute to the merch girls. In conclusion, these are the memories that keep us sane. Ironic? nope.

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