Cornerstone 2001

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Cornerstone usually takes place in the first week of July, and I had a few shows to do on the way there. We stopped an hour outside of Chicago for a festival put on by our friend Rick, where we met folks from the band "Tree by Leaf" (a wonderful folk act from Maine) who were getting to know "The Singing Mechanic" and his VW van, a most beautiful beast. You can check out the singing mechanic at )
Gabe, who was traveling with the folks from "Tree by Leaf"
This is our friend Brad Culver, a true hippy. He and his wife Mary are fixtures at Cornerstone festival and let us crash their campsite for the whole week.
Rehearsals happened a day or two before the show, since the band was made up of musicians from the east and west coast of America!
A fan-submitted shot at the camp-site
Our 4th year at the Festival brings the new back-up band to the stage.
Gabe plays some raunchy banjo!
Jesse Sprinkle played the drums for a few numbers.
I told a lot of goofy stories (as per usual)
Bone (from Folk/Tribal act Madison Greene ) on bass.
Inside one of the exhibition tents, Bone was wearing a shirt that read "it's hard to be a sex symbol" (or something to that effect) Ironically, this shot of him was taken in front of the "porn-free youth" table.
Socializing with the grassroots army at the merchandise table.
After most of the stages start closing down on the last night of the festival, folks who are still enjoying the feeling of community continue making impromptu drum circles or tea parties. This is ours.
Here at our campsite we sat with a bunch of hardy souls who planned on staying until the bitter end.
Among the friends here are members of Madison Greene and the Psalters
Another toast to celebrate the end of our 4th wonderful year at Illinois most dusty and vibrant music festival!
Liza practically drove the entire 15-hour trip home by herself while I lay passed out in the back.
Exhausted post-festival folksinger with hairy pits was found in red van bearing Ontario licence plates at rest-stopů
Liza and Miranda, finished drive.

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