Cornerstone 2002

These photos all came from some nice person and we can't remember who it is, so if you took these, then email us your name so we can include it here! This was the year that Miranda cooked a big Indian dinner for as many people as she could feed, with the help of the wonderful Montgomery family, who let her officially "crash" their camp-site… They also chased behind her and forced her to eat tidbits of food which kept her alive for the 6 intense days of talking to people, making cups of tea for as many festival goers as possible, holding rehearsals with another make-shift band, dancing to jazz/funk band Infradig, and taking part in a few song-writing seminars!

Please be reminded that these photographs are copyrighted images. That means that you need to get permission by the artist to use them.
Our 5th year at this festival once again brings to the stage members of Madison Greene to help fill out the band… Bone is once again taking care of the bass and being his saucy self…
…not much has changed in a year since Miranda last played here; her legs are still nicely hairy and she's still breaking guitar strings. Here she is repairing one that broke during sound check.
Who knows what this was about?!
Some last minute sound gear checks before the show, as the crowd starts to gather at the "magazine" stage…
Mark porter (from Detroit) was back for another year on the drums.
Mike Choby (from the Chicago area) tuning up backstage before the show.
Jason Beck (percussion) successfully overcame the port-a-potties in a last minute pre-show pee! He's also from the Madison Greene Crew.
Randal joined Jason on the percussion.
Bone does his thing on bass.
The dancing folks in front of the stage.
Shot of Miranda during the show.
Another of Miranda during the show.
Miranda and her band does a powerful rendition of Ben Harpers "Jah Work"
This shot conveys some of the joyful alive-ness of Miranda with a band in tow. Here Erin Beck joins Miranda on the violin, during the Spanish infused "Nevertheless the Dog"
Bone takes an imaginary drag on stage while Miranda talks and talks and talks…
Miranda's merchandise table set up, complete with cups of free chai, books to borrow, and friendly like-minded folks to swap ideas with…
More merch table goodness.
…and what fantastic staff! They hear no evil, say no evil, and see no evil! But they can sell you a copy of the 7 Deadly Sins album…
Miranda is (almost without fail) the very last artist to pack up her beautiful "merchandise/free Indian spiced tea stall/library;" the nicest place to relax in the mess of the exhibition tents. Here, Miranda's friend Joel surveys the destruction left after the crowds have gone. The festival is over for another year, sigh…..

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