Cornerstone Festival 2003

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Our fifth year at America's dustiest festival! Here are some of the wonderful folks waiting for Miranda to hit the "Magazine Stage." (All photos courtesy of FuR!)
Miranda usually plays her main festival show with a full band, pulled from all over the country. Many of these musicians have been personal friends of Miranda's and have spent a few road miles together. Here's Jeff Elbell on bass (all the way from California!) Jeff is involved with various kinds of studio production work back home and his current musical project is called "Ping."
Mark Porter on drums (hailing from Detroit, MI.) Mark works for a bunch of different groups in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area when they need a kit drummer ("Bad Faces Clan," "Madison Greene," and "The Ragbirds.")
This is Cliff Young at the Hammond Organ. He's from Thorndike, Maine, and plays in a fantastic folk/Americana act called "Tree by Leaf."
Miranda jokes on stage with Canadian singer/songwriter Mary Simon, who's joined the band to sing back up on "Remedy" and "20/20 in the morning."
Miranda, with guitarist Mike Choby (from Chicago.)
Another shot of Miranda with her very short hair. If you saw her here at earlier years, you would have seen her flinging around her "butt long" dreaded/braided locks!
Showing a little sweat.
A full length shot with boots, and vintage dress she found in Knoxville, TN (which is featured in the 2003 tour "southwestern" photo section.)
In motion, with Mike on background vocals.
Army boots and hairy Canadian legs.
Another head shot.
Something fun happened here. Can anyone remember what this was? Maybe that vocal weirdness in "Nevertheless the Dog."
One of Miranda's friends used to be roommates with Toronto's crazy cat, Jaymz Bee, who donated about 400 of his Chinese style "misfortune cookies" to Miranda (she hasn't been throwing bushels of rose pedals since her family sold the rose farm that she grew up on.) This was FUR's message inside the cookie!
A second show that week, at the "Acoustic Stage," that had a smaller, more intimate feel. So intimate in fact, that when a technical difficulty happened during the show, Miranda headed into the audience. She's wearing a flour sack costume from the 1930's that she found at an antique place, supposedly a "going away gift" made by friends of a girl who was leaving home for the first time. (That's the story anyway.)
Could this be a sing-a-long or a question and answer period? How far will that mic cable go anyway?
In your face!
Correction! THIS is in your face! (Actually this would be FUR's face that the mic is pointing at.)
If you leave a stage, you have to get back on it. Miranda does break dancing? I think that's Jeff Elbell trying to give assistance.
One of the cooler places to hang out at the festival is the "Imaginarium." There are discussions on the most interesting of topics, as well as a constant stream of movie screenings, and a whole bunch of other stranger things. The theme for 2003 was something along the line of "Asian ghost-stories, anime, and the like…" One of the movies being shown was the beautifully rendered "Spirited Away" by director Hayao Miyazaki. One of the artists working with the fest(?) had painstakingly made characters of the film out of thin plywood and paint in order to decorate the tent. Miranda, always one of the last artists to pack up shop, managed to beg for her favorite character "Kaonashi" ("No face") to bring home to Todd (See "Staff" section!) I can only imagine the possible scene at Canadian customs! (Do you have anything to declare…?)

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