Cornerstone Festival 2004

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"Don't toy with Illinois" just about says it all. Someone put up this makeshift sign after a typical-cornerstone-torrential-downpour took out most of the paths through the camping areas. This resulted in some attendees taking 15 foot flying leaps through mud (some intentional and others not) …Welcome back to Cornerstone Festival! (All photos by Miranda or Chris unless otherwise noted)
Our new and improved "two bands are better than one" Miranda Stone/Aradhna merchandise table, run by the wonderful Patrick and Hannah. These two photos stuck together give you a sense of the whole space. Free cups of Indian spiced tea were served again, in the little book table/hangout area. Spread out on the tables, a variety of brand new photo albums featured photographs from Chris and Miranda's recent trip to India.
Rehearsal for Miranda's show took place inside the old red van, with Mike (on guitar) and Jeff (on bass). About 100 yards away, a hard-core band had set up an impromptu stage at another campsite and was in full swing. They kindly lent some wattage.
A close-up of Jeff Elbell, who (at the time of the photo) had come in from LA. He's a sweetheart, and a totally great guy to work with.
Another total sweetheart is Mike Choby (who plays practically every instrument!) He was doing the guitar thing on this gig, though he's also a stellar bassist; equal parts hard work and deadpan crazy humor. He's the guy who'll suddenly break out into the theme song for M*A*S*H the moment he hears a helicopter overhead.
A great shot of Chris with his sitar performing Rag Malkauns behind the van (classical Indian music enthusiasts are the only ones who'll know what that is)
Our show at the Gallery stage with Mark Porter on drums. Mark's car broke down in Michigan, the evening before, and he had been driving all night/day to get to the festival. He arrived about 2 hours before our show. We were very relieved to see him.
Mark and Mike.
Some rock and roll moves by Jeff, who is looking slightly like Agent Smith from the Matrix. (Photo sent to us by Stormie McGee)
You can see it in Mark's eyes, that he has driven all night to get here.(Photo by Stormie McGee)
This is "so" Mike…in all his lovable glory.
One more shot on stage.
Jeff sang the first line of "7 Deadly sins" in falsetto with ballet poses…
Miranda does a drop kick.
A wonderful lady (sadly, we've forgotten her name) came to "sign" (for those in the audience who were hearing impaired) She's done this at our cornerstone shows for the last several years. You can just see her there, at the bottom left. (Photo by Stormie McGee)
This shot is actually from a later show at the festival with Jeff singing back up. (Photo sent to us by Mel Bailey)
Another shot at the Gallery Stage (photo by Mel Bailey)
The Aradhna show at the Gallery Stage was an inspiring performance made even more intense by a sudden and fierce downpour that drew hundreds more inside the already full tent. Naren Budhakar (tabla) Pete Hicks (guitar) and Chris Hale (Hindi vocals and sitar)
Dancers outside the Gallery Stage during one of the world music shows. (Photo by Mel Bailey)
A smaller more relaxed second show by Miranda several days later finds her sporting Indian anklets, and a lungi (a man's wrap-around skirt especially popular in South India) It was one of those crazy-solo-story-laden shows that she's known for. Photo by Mel Bailey.
See Above.
See Above.
After the thunderstorms (already mentioned in our first picture) a few people got dirty-crazy, putting the tree-huggers to shame with their full bodied love of the earth.
Pete, working the Aradhna merchandise booth.
On the last night of the festival, we've been hosting (along with our camping friends "the Montgomery's") a "free Veg. Indian dinner for whoever shows up" (almost a tradition by now… and totally needed for some of the kids who are starting to run out of food by day 5 of the festival) This is Pete and Chris working over the stoves.
"So… how about chopping some garlic and ginger for me?"
Earlier in the afternoon, some lovely volunteers peeled potatoes.
Bill Montgomery, the camp "dad"
Making Papads (the crunchy paper-thin lentil wafers, a tasty deep-fried appetizer)
Folks were encouraged to eat Indian family-style (with the right hand neatly scooping up the various curried vegetables and dal) Also, we didn't have enough utensils for everyone so they didn't really have a choice. These folks are still working on their own personal style.
Here's Aimee Wilson and Aaron Butt. The rain showed up again right around the time that people started showing up for dinner… fortunately, Bill had brought along a large "dinner" tent and we all sat around under it, with candles stuck into the ground for light.
More attempts at eating finesse…
The best way to clean a plate when camping…
The dinner finished around 10 PM, and shows were still happening till at least 3 AM, so we hung around the merchandise table making lots of spiced tea and engaging in conversations with about 15- 20 festival die-hards… We were also well supplied with Mate tea from this beautiful dred-locked girl. (Photo by Aimee Wilson)
Passionate discussions and tea drinking continued until midnight. (Photo by Aimee Wilson)
Here's a more complete picture of some of the tea drinkers. (Photo by Mel Bailey)
Around 1 AM, Miranda smoked a nice hobbit pipe with Bill, and then went to see Pedro the Lion play a set. Afterwards, the folks from Pedro finished off the rest of the Indian dinner leftovers. (Photo by Aimee Wilson)
The long drive home.

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