Finster's Paradise Gardens

I was introduced to the folk art of Howard Finster by Rachel and Mark Popadic. That was before I discovered that bands like REM, Talking Heads and Pierce Pettis had album covers created by this preacher-turned-artist. I was intrigued. While on tour through Georgia, I decided I would stop by the art space Finster built called "Paradise Gardens," in the town of Summerville. At the Age of 84, in October 2001, Howard Finster passed away but his work is still preaching in his unique and quirky way. I met him and took a bunch of photographs while I was there in 2000. There's a few other sites if you're curious, one of which has some great photos of his work. & John Dirga's Finster Photos

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Sign post in the gardens.
Painted car.
These two shots were taken in the smaller chapel he built, filled with signs he painted and other artwork. I used one of these for the "7 Deadly Sins" tray card.
See commentary above.
One of the many amazing cement and collected "bits" art works on the property.

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