On Tour with Madison Greene

Summer 2001: I was able to spend some road time with Madison Greene- an amazing tribe of friends and siblings from Detroit, MI who create aggressive folk/world beat music. These photos are a small sampling of three separate trips we took together over the last two years.

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The long-haired clan preps for an intense game of cards in the RV.
Early morning at a hotel somewhere in the mid west with Erin, Mike and Kevin.
The boys hang out in one of the unique establishments where we played. Tucked into the back kitchen, they sampled the home-brew.
Jason (drums/percussion) and Erin Beck (vocals/violin/mandolin/percussion) spend some quality time in bed.
Fine Arts centre, Calvin college (Grand Rapids, MI) Our sound-guy Kenny, (who was traveling with the band) takes a moment of rest at the piano, during load-in.
On stage between sound-check and dinner, Erin spends some time writing.
. At the Nerad home in Michigan, Kenny (sleep deprived) Nicky (who helps with the merchandise table) and Erin- on the sofa after dinner.
You and what army: Bone (bass) on ukulele at the Nerad house. The look? "Don't mess, an pass the grits, ya'all"
Trouble Brewing: Jason uses a tail pipe he found as a Didgeridoo. It worked. It also had come straight off of a car. "O those kiss-able lips" is probably not what Erin was thinking right about then. Jason's lips were black.
Bone makes friends with the local cockatiel…"Hey let's see if it tries to grab my tongue ring!" …It did. (Bone didn't try that again)
Kevin (who runs the Merchandise table) and his infamous dirty feet.
Jason Beck is the most tribal of all the Madison Greeners, pictured here at Inside Out Soul festival in 2001. Smell ya later!

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