Michael Wilson Photo Shoot 2001

Some photographers have this knack for finding beauty in things that are passed over, ignored, and taken for granted…Michael Wilson is one of those magician types. Here are fourteen shots that I really liked, three of which I used as postcards, two that were used for posters, and a bunch of other ones that I used for the 7 Deadly Sins album. Go check out his website at www.michaelwilsonphotographer.com

For making posters for a show coming to your area, you can go to the poster section of this site and there are larger images of some of these shots kicking around. (Be nice and add the photographers name below the photo if you use them!)

This shot (one of the first that was taken in Michael's Cincinnati studio) was used for a venue poster.
We managed to get a shot or two outside after the studio photos were finished.
Someone said something funny.
…cranking up some melancholy Cuban music, dancing in bare feet across a wooden floor.
One of the very first shots; feeling shy. This was used on the back of the 7 Deadly Sins album.
An odd angle…but interesting
Again, this one didn't get used anywhere for the album, but I still think it was funky, and the same goes for the cracked up laugh that happened next.
There's something in the way that Michael makes a picture (be it the natural light or the old cameras) that can make you feel like you are no longer in the current century. The next bunch of shots all feel that way. Some of these were turned into postcards.
see above.
see above.
see above.
see above.
…more whirling dervish funk.
This shot was taken using a cardboard box pinhole camera, and I think it's amazing how it turned out. Michael sat the thing on a little stool and told me to hold real still for a long time. It ended up being the front cover of the album.

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