Offstage Miranda Shots

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In the Fall of 2002, I took some time off from touring and drove up to a cabin north of Toronto.
I wrote a little, dug through some old tapes, and spent a great deal of time in the canoe.
After spending so much time in the city, it was a relief to see the stars at night.
Sometime in the spring of 2001, my parents sold their rose farm where I (and my three siblings) had grown up. Everything on the 26 acre property was torn down in just three short days during the late fall of 2002. These two photos were taken a couple years before that, in the gardens behind the old 1888 farmhouse and the surrounding barns.
There were rows of apple trees, almost every possible variety you could image, and the grass grew up three feet high around them. It was mecca for a child with a huge imagination, and I remember playing "lion" here when I was younger. Now there's a bank, a strip mall and about 26 houses going up on the property.
2000, My grandmother (Oma, in German) and I share the same birthday. This is our little party. (Both of us were born on New Years Eve!)
I've always had an interest in Photography, and early on, (before I knew any good photographers) I would take my own promotional photographs. some of these are here in this section. Others are just here for fun. This is one that I took in the old bedroom, 1997.
Self-portrait in the bathroom. (Women's bathrooms always have some pretty nice overhead lighting!)
This is a shot of King Lear, my pet crow. I think this was taken in 1994, before I left for Sheridan College to do the Art School thing for 3 years. I was 17? Thought you would have a laugh at this one.
A shadowy shot in an old bedroom on the Farm.
Another self-portrait in the same series as photo #2
Sunlight self-portrait

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