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Many of these photographs are ancient history as far as the web is concerned but we're keeping this page up here for those of you who enjoy reading the commentary and might find yourself in these pages.

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I met Jenn in 2001 at Inside Out Soul Festival (located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire) and we ended up going hiking together after the festival was over. After a 2 -3 hour walk, we finally found a quiet mountain lake surrounded by peat bogs. The attempted swim was a little slimy as we sunk into the dark black sludge at the bottom.
I've forgotten her name, but she had one of the cooler hairstyles at Cornerstone festival one year.
I was having a really tough time trying to find a place to park the ol' red van during Cornerstone festival 2002 when the Montgomery's called me over and hooked me up with a place to camp on their site. This is Bill and his daughter. There are more photos of these guys in our Cornerstone 2004 section, since they helped us host our almost annual "Free Indian dinner for who ever will come."
Some more of the Montgomery clan and friends at the 2002 fest.
Aimee Wilson and friend Janeen Singer. There's more about Aimee in the "Grassroots Army" section.
I used to pick up totally unknown drummers up for shows, sometimes an hour before a set. This was one of the guys who did a really awesome job in Lynchburg, VA at Randolph Maken Women's College. (2001)
Some of the folks at the Randolph Maken show in VA. The audience there was fantastic!
I meet so many wonderful people in my travels; I'll never do all of them justice. Brent and Brandon are two guys who surprised me the first year I played Cornerstone Festival with some hardcore "brave" gear.
Chocolate cake after a show in the hall of an Anglican Church somewhere in feels like ages ago, and I forget the names. But he was a nice guy to save me a piece.
Hillside Festival: one of the best folk festivals in North America. (Guelph, Ontario) This was our 1998 show. We threw rose petals into the crowd, and here's a picture of the dancers.
Jon, and his friends (the names are forgotten, but not the warmth) It was a chilly night after a show in Maryland. (From a concert at the late Jammin' Java, 1999?)
Steve Barker, Bec, Sam, Adam, and Nina. Hanging out after a show.
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario. Various folks in the audience.
Liquid Soul Coffeehouse in Peterborough, Ontario. The Kennedy girls and some of their friends. Dear friends.
A very special soul that we met at Hillside Festival, Guelph, Ontario 1998
Mr. Ryan Richardson, and his super son, at a festival in Sauble beach.

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