The Steel-toed Tour with Ember Swift (Spring 2000)

Ember Swift and her partner Lyndell Montgomery are the hardest working Indie Musicians I know. They tour non-stop. They run their own record company. They are also the only band that goes through as many full-sized vans as my friend Tom Conlon, a singer-songwriter from New York (He seems to have fatal issues with his touring vehicles too…. Fires, breakdowns, but his dog keeps thieves at bay)

On top of all their skill and determination in the office, they are talented and inspiring musicians.

Ember sings, plays guitar, percussion, and writes the songs for the most part. (Some songs are co-written with Lyndell) Lyndell is a fantastic violinist and bass player who lends her harmonies to the mix. A kit drummer usually travels with them as well. During the steel-toed tour, Cheryl Reed blew me away with her tasty beats. We traveled together in two vans and were joined by my friend Benny (Melissa) Klassen from the west coast, who took care of the merchandise table for us.

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Lyndell, Melissa, and Cheryl (missing from this picture is Ember)
Some old buildings in the East end of New York City, where I got my nose pierced (a short-lived venture)
Lyndell with the dog at Michelle's house in Massachusetts (where we stayed several nights)
Our hosts in New York City, with all of us (I'm not in this shot of course) Notice the brown van in the background. It was burnt to a crisp in an electrical fire. They managed to rescue the instruments and escape with their lives. (Like I said, a van can have a short life span when you put road miles on it like they do)
A boy named Dog who I met outside on the street in New York City one morning. I forgot the name of his traveling companion.
The animal named Dog, who was the friend of "Dog"

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