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Tim Abraham has been playing shows with me since Sept. 1997. This is a shot from our show at Cornerstone Festival in July 1998, taken by Sheryl (who is now his Mrs. Abraham)
Another picture of Tim, at our second Cornerstone show, a couple days later. (This shot, and also pictures 4, 5, 8, and 9 by Sheryl Abraham)
Marty Gast, my bass player, at a show in Toronto- at the Hart House. Photo by Dave Ruch.
Marty Gast, this time at Cornerstone Festival (1998)
Matt Lear drumming for me at Cornerstone in 1998. I think this was his second show after joining the band and he was a perfect match. This is his Djembe part during "Never lick the stamp".
Norm Jones; drummer, fire fighter, husband, and father of two. His son Aaron, also an accomplished drummer, joined us one night for a show in a church basement. Marty is in the background. (1998?)
Marty doesn't know this photo is up here, or he would kill me. I got a hold of it from an older lady who knew the Gast family in their missionary days. they spent some time in Ecuador when Marty was growing up. He's the cute little guy on the right. Clothes from the 70's still amaze me.
A Miranda shot at Cornerstone Festival 98, (or maybe 1999)
Another shot of Tim on violin, 1998.

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