Canadian Wedding, June 19th 2004

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The Canadian Wedding (in June) was a hugely ruckus affair, a completely different approach in comparison to our Indian ceremony (held in Varanasi, Feb. 26th) Chris and I climbed cherry trees...
Of course, there was going to be plenty of entertainment for the guests... Mary Simon, Aaron Butt, Pete (in the background) and Aimee Wilson.
Waiting for the rock n' roll show to start...
Someone wearing white possibly started to cat-call after the official "Mr. And Mrs" introductions by the minister.
Running down the isle, we stopped to ring the church bell as hard as we could.
and the momentum pulled me up off the floor, heading UP!
On the second trip towards the ceiling (still holding the bell rope) my dress caught on a hook. There was the alarming sound of material ripping, and then a 6 inch hole in the wedding dress appeared. At this point Aaron and Chris pulled me off the free ride. There were peals of laughter louder than the church bell.
A lot more laughter and rose petals in the air when we exited the church.
See Above.
Our dinner in the church hall with lots of fresh flowers from my mothers garden, and white paper lanterns. My dad made some beautiful candle holders out of tree trunks.
Many dear friends played beautiful music for us. Here's Pete singing one of his songs (Pete is the other half of "Aradhna," alongside Chris)
My cousins (and siblings) created a wonderful pinata contest. Chris and I had to answer tricky questions about each other and win "up-grades" on weapons (to be used in breaking open the pinata, which has candies inside.) Some of these weapons were: a banana, a celery stick, a bamboo rod...
My grandfather played a German folksong on his harmonica and my Cousin Charlotte backed him up on piano.
Lyndell Montgomery (on violin) with partner Ember Swift (on guitar) played one of my favorite songs that they wrote called "Pek" (Prounounced "Peek")
Ember Swift.
Amanda (a wonderful friend of mine who used to be my roommate) played a beautiful piece on violin. She also appears in the Tokai String Quartet and the Toronto Symphony!
After a very long (but interesting) program during which Chris and I told stories, introduced all 130 guests, heard beautiful music, viewed an old super 8 film of Chris with his family in Nepal, and served up pie for dessert. We all headed over to my parents place and did the polka with WALTER OSTANEK (the official Canadian polka king!!)
Here's some of the friends and family doing the funky chicken dance, or whatever it's called. (polka is a lot cooler than you think, folks)
and of course, here's one final shot of Walter Ostanek's amazing perma-smile! What a way to end the night!!!
Paul, looking good in some of the accessories.

For our Canadian honey-moon, we camped for two days in Tobermory, ON and then booted it down to Cornerstone festival (Illinois) Go check out our Cornerstone festival 2004 shots!

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