bean frames


Bean Frames.

These Y2K(bet you've heard enough about that to last you the whole millennium) friendly picture frames are made out of recycled box-board and assorted dried beans. No two frames are alike. Eace frame fits one standard size photo and comes in a variety of colours and designs. Very earthy. Free standing and sturdy. Custom orders can be taken (state size and color preferences) we will do our best to accommodate your esthetic needs. If in an emergency food shortage, these frames can be immersed in water and boiled for several hours until beans are soft, for a nutritious nd satisfying meal. Salt and condements not included. We do seriously make these though, no kidding, in the Earthdress Productions sweat-shop.

Price: $17.00 US, $20.00 CAN

Note: Check or money orders may be in US or Canadian funds.