1,2, Trash a Few, 99, 100 -
Miranda Stone Live CD (1999)

The second album, a full length, fully live project featuring Miranda and band at Clinton's tavern in Toronto, ON. Two reworked songs from the "brave" album are featured, as well as seven brand new tunes. Other highlights include a performances by afro/Japanese drum group "Real Tribal" on "Never lick the stamp". Most people who don't like live albums tend to like this one. A bonus (or not, depending on your personality) are the stories from the 1930's kids book recited by bass man Marty; the odd and bizarre hidden tracks which total about 20 minutes at the end. Also, the song "brave" which never made it onto the brave album can be found on this album instead. Recorded by Ravensound.

Online Price: $9.60 US, $15.00 CAN